Sunday, August 16, 2009

La révolution volée:Colour revolutions and the US National Endowment for Kleptocracy

Colour revolutions are the symptom of our inverted world. If we look at the global map over the past few years, we see a vast series of riots sparked by disputed election results. The countries involved in these struggles all come within the geo-political sphere of Eurasia; that is, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The mass movements of people who contested election results or revolted against their governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tibet, Burma, Mongolia and finally Moldova and Iran of this year were all characterised by botanic colours, rose, orange, pink, saffron, crimson,yellow, green and so on. There were also reverberations of these so-called revolutions in Belarus where rumours were spreading of a ‘denim revolution’ as well as violent protests in Azerbaijan and Armenia largely inspired by the colour revolutions in neighbouring states.

So, who is behind all of this? Who is funding, organising and co-ordinating all of these revolutions? Are they really the ‘bottom up’ phenomenon that the Western media would have us believe? Are the colour revolutions a genuinely informed expression of people’s desire for democracy or are there other forces at play? There can be no doubt about the legitimate aspirations of all these people for democracy and human rights. However, the reality is not so simple. The organisational and ideological infrastructure for these revolutions has been consistently provided by the multifarious ‘think-tanks’ and ‘foundations’ emanating from the United States and the EU. The most active of these political organisations has been the US National Endowment for Democracy, a pseudo-philanthropic organisation which works in tandem with the CIA(capitalism’s international agency) to exploit popular discontent in Eurasian countries in order to further US geostrategic interests in the region. Other key organisations include the Soros Foundation, International Republican Institute, USAID, Freedom House and The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

The reason for this funding is quite simple. The countries bordering the Caspian Sea sit on a potential fortune of untapped oil reserves. That is why the NED sent operatives into the former Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia just before the fall of the USSR to foment nationalist and ethnic consciousness in the name of ‘democracy’. Journalists, human rights groups, trade unions, fascist groups and extreme nationalists, and just about anyone who opposed the Soviet System were funded by the NED and Soros Foundation.

When the USSR fell in 1990, the independent tradition of Titoist Yugoslavia became a problem for the US and NATO. Ethnic conflict and economic collapse was to be the key to NATO’s imperialist intervention. In 1990 the US Congress passed the Foreign Operations Appropriations Act which predicated the allocation of US financial assistance on the breakup of the Federal Yugoslav Republic into separate states. The scene was being set for ethnic conflict and genocide. Meanwhile, the IMF forced the Yugoslav Prime Minister Ante Markovic to make sweeping economic structural reforms in the country. By 1991as a result of IMF policies Yugoslavian GDP had plummeted by 15 percent, industrial production by 21 percent and inflation had risen by 140 percent. The IMF then prevented the Yugoslav government from obtaining credit from its own central bank. In order to speed up the process of destruction, the US imposed an economic embargo on the country in 1992. The result was economic collapse. Unemployment would reach 70 percent with Catholic Croats, Muslim Bosnians and Orthodox Serbs roaming the streets in fascist militias all committing atrocities. By 1999, however, the recalcitrant Serbs would be blamed for the entire mess. The Western Media remained obdurately silent on Bosnian Muslim and Croatian Catholic atrocities. The Bosnian KLA terrorists had been helped by none other than Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, the CIA’s foreign legion(at the time of course!). The US-Nato intervention in Kossovo had nothing to do with human rights or democracy. It was about the control of the Caspian Sea resources and the projection of Anglo-American/NATO hegemony over a vast region of vital economic and geostrategic interest.

The colour revolutions are nothing but a sham, a sinister and cynical manipulation programme funded by American oligarchies. Zbigniew Brzezinski (the man who created Al Qaeda) and President Obama’s National Security Advisor put it bluntly in his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives where he writes ‘For America the chief prize is Eurasia’ The main inspiration for Brzezinski’s imperialist thinking comes from the 19th century British geopolitical strategist Harold Mackinder, who also inspired Adolf Hitler. Mackinder famously said ‘Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;"who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;"who rules the World-Island commands the world.’ The colour revolutions have been among the most spectacular mass deception operations in history. They are designed to install corrupt US puppets such as Yushchenko in Ukraine and Saakashvili in Georgia.But they have failed in Moldova, Iran and Ouzbekistan. Another ruse may yet be necessary in order to ‘liberate’ the oppressed people of Eurasia.

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