Monday, January 4, 2010

America's message to China: dump the dollar and we'll unleash hell.

US President Obama’s visit to China last week to China captured much attention in the world press. Obama’s visit to China was intended to convey three key, carefully calibrated messages. The principal message was obvious: don’t pull the plug on our global empire by dumping the dollar. The second and third messages were a follow up from the first.If you refuse to take orders from Washington, we will use our human rights monopoly to break up your country into separate client states of the US.

Obama’s deeply ironic reference to the importance of human rights was carefully formulated to stress the ‘rights of ethnic minorities’ in China as opposed to human rights per se. What this means is that if China allows the dollar to fall, thereby plunging the US empire into free fall, the CIA will resume destabilisation activities in the Qinyang province and in Tibet. We saw a taste of this in Qinjang this year with the Uigur riots and in Tibet last year when the Tibetan hooligans, funded and trained by the CIA and its numerous front organisations created chaos, murdering innocent civilians and looting shops and industries.

The World Uigur Congress is based in Washington DC and, like the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan separatist movement, it is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, one of the CIA’s numerous front organisations. Like the Tibetan movement, the World Uigur Congress has close ties with Germany and its virtues have been widely extolled in the right-wing German press, which is unsurprising. After all, it was Nazi Germany who taught the US the art of mendacious propaganda and the US ruling class has proven itself to be an dedicated student.

President Obama’s coded mission in China was to make it clear to Beijing that the US does not really care about what the Chinese government does to its own population in general but that Washington is ‘concerned’ about China’s ethnic minorities. So, in a nutshell Obama’s message to China amounted to something like this: do as we say or we will carve you up into little pieces, install pre-trained puppet regimes before plundering your stocks of precious metals.

The World Uigur Congress was formed in 2004 and like the World Zionist Congress it is openly racist and religious fundamentalist. The millionaire leader of the World Uigur Congress is a lady by the name of Rebiya Kadeer. This lady does not even disguise her racist proclivities.

In an interview with Antonella Rampino of the Italian newspaper La Stampa on May 8th 2009, she put the plight of the Uigur people thus: “ As you see, you behave like I do, you have the same white skin: you are Indo-European. Would you like to be oppressed by a yellow Han communist?” Of course, the notion of the Uigurs , who are the majority in the Xinjang Autonomous Region, being oppressed is a bare-faced lie. The Chinese government has been quite tolerant of their religious and cultural identity; they are generally better off than their Han compatriots, and most Uigurs, like the Jews of pre-Nazi Germany, are quite content to live and work in the multicultural Chinese state. But the World Uigur Congress could soon put an end to that if given the green light from their Washington masters. I could say more about the historical and ideological similarities between the World Zionist Congress and the World Uigur Congress but I do not wish to break any dogmatic taboos here.

According to former FBI translator, Sibel Williams, the islamic radicalisation of the Xinyang province was outsourced by the CIA to Bin Laden's(remember him?) Al Qaeda. Williams alleges that Bin Laden was working for the CIA right up until 911. Mrs Williams subsequent dismissal by the FBI in 2002 for 'disruptive' behaviour was strongly criticised by US state department inspector general Glenn A Fine. As in the outsourcing of labour, the outsourcing of terrorism is the secret weapon of the global ruling class.

Some of the Western headlines concerning Obama’s visit to China would be funny were it not for the fact that the US empire is most likely to lead humanity into another world war. In the Ochs-Sulzberger family newspaper, known to the world as The International Herald, I read that the Chinese ‘unfree’ press did not give Obama’s visit the coverage it deserved. Other Western press outlets were outraged when the Chinese spokesman Qin Gang pointed out the embarrassing truth to Obama that the Tibetan population had been serfs of the Lama despots before the Chinese liberated them in 1952; he quickly followed up the attack by stating that Obama’s support for the Dalai Lama was ironic given his skin-colour and admiration for Abraham Lincoln. If I were president Obama I would have retorted thus " ‘touché old boy , but as you know racism has always been the tool of the ruling class to divide and crush the proletariat of the world. Are you not a communist? Have you not read Karl Marx?”

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