Tuesday, December 14, 2010

China should be colonised says Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo.

The media furore over the awarding of the Nobel Prize for peace to the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo is yet another egregious example of European moral decadence. The Nobel Prize for peace has always served to bolster US and European imperial interests, with past prizes going to war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama.
But this year's prize smacks of unmitigated pusillanimity.

Liu Xiaobo was inprisoned in China due to his subversive political activity. It is difficult to judge the particular circumstances of this repression, but let's take a brief look into this man's past.
What does Xibao favour in China? What is his vision for a 'New Democratic China'? In an interview in 1988, Xiaobo the freedom fighter said he believed China needed up to three hundred years of colonisation in order to acquire 'democratic values' comparable to the West. He has never renounced these views.

In the nineteenth Century China was occupied by Western powers. Britain's Opium Wars against China had reduced the Chinese population to servitude and misery. When the Chinese communists arrived in Shanghai in 1949, they found a city of down-trodden drug addicts. China under Western colonisation was not a democracy.
When the United States declared War on Iraq in 2003, Xiaobo told a Swedish human rights activist that he fully suppported the war.

In Xiaobo's political manifesto one can read his project for a new China. He hopes to see a radical privatisation of all land, similar to the seigneurial system of China's past, where foreign investors could buy up large tracts of land and apartments,virtually re-colonising China.

Once again the august Nobel Prize committee has chosed a champion of peace and human rights. Xiaobo has been an indefatigable proponent of war, colonisation, greed and mayhem. This man, considered a criminal and a traitor in his native country, this champion of war, advocate of colonisation and the 'human right' to exploit and be exploited, the human rights of countries to be bombed and invaded by the United States, is a most worthy recipient of this Year's Nobel Prize for Peace.

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